Toronto 2010 Day 0

I got to the train station about 3 minutes after it had left the station, so I went to the ticket booth and the guy said I’d essentially have to buy a new ticket. I had originally paid about $100 for a round trip (i.e. $50 each way), but that was some sort of special deal. Now that the deal is over, I’d have to pay $150 for a one way ticket from Montreal to Toronto.

Luckily, my guy had something weird pop up on his screen when he tried to buy a new ticket for me (something about not being able to convert half of a round trip into a one-way trip) so he asked a colleague for help, and the colleague told him to just charge me $30, despite the fact that my original ticket clearly said “No refund, no exchange”. The colleague said that stuff is for people who simply who show up 2 hours late and want to exchange the ticket, or who don’t show up at all, rather than people who are just a few minutes late. So my guy gave me a new ticket for $30.

I ended up in Toronto 6 hours later than I expected, though.

When got there, I started asking around for directions, and it was kind of weird that everyone was Anglophone. I’m gonna take some time to get used to that.

I got a bit lost along the way. My hotel is right inside China Town, and some of the food smelled awesome there as I walked past the restaurants. There’s graffiti everywhere though, which to me signals the presence of crime, so that makes me a big nervous, but hopefully it’s restricted to non violent crime.

The fact that the hotel has some pretty elaborate security system (you need a keycard just to use the elevator, and the pamphlet recommends using the deadbolt for extra security) doesn’t reassure much.

The room itself is pretty fricking huge. The living room is big enough to breakdance in.

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