Adventures in learning Japanese: Shinjuku Ticket

In Japan, when using the public transportation system, you pay a different price depending on how far you travel. So going 1 station to the next might be 120 yen, while going 5 stations away might be 800 yen, for example. So when you buy a ticket, you need to get it validated at both the entrance and exit points to make sure you travelled the correct distance.

So I get on the Shinjuku station, buy a ticket, and get in at Shinjuku, but then change my mind and decide to stay here. I figure it’d be okay, to get off, ‘cause I travelled 0 stations, but the machine doesn’t let me out, saying I need to check with the staff.

So I ask the guy 英語できますか? Do you speak English?

He says no.

I show him the ticket.

He asks me something, but the only thing I get is どこ? where?

I tell him ここから。 From here.

He asks me some more stuff, and I only catch えき, train station. I guess he’s asking me where I want to go.

I’m sort of flustered for a moment, because I don’t know how to say what I want to say. So I just point at the exit and say 行きたい。私は行きたい。 Want to go (there). I want to go (there).

So he takes my ticket, bows, and motions for me to leave.

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