Windows 7 Launch Party

Microsoft’s advertising campaign is to get people to host “Windows 7 Launch Parties” in various countries across the world. I don’t want to get into the details, but basically you get a bunch of your friends to come over and you show off Windows 7 to them. The motivation is that Microsoft will send you a bunch of free stuff to help host your party, including a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, and sort of grab bag goodies to give to your guests. I’m one of the hosts.

As a host, one of the things Microsoft provides us with are notes on how to host the party (ideas for activities, answers to questions that guests might ask you about Windows 7, etc.) and instructional videos. Here’s one of those videos.

The video is pretty terrible. They shake the camera too much, and have too many cuts; I guess they were trying to get an informal “reality TV” look. The actors sound too fake, and their dialog is unbelievable.

At 5:50, it would have been a lot funnier if everyone became silent, and the black guy was staring at the nerd like “And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” The nerd is like “No, I just meant, uh… ‘cause like, you know, you were… you told me how… um… like, when you tried to set up your iPod last time, you uh… you got this error message… and uh…”

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