Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair Audit

It looks like Microsoft is big enough that it has certain of its divisions auditing other of its divisions.

MS: Good day, may I speak to Nebu?
Nebu: Speaking…
MS: I’m calling from Microsoft, and I’d just like to confirm something with you.
Nebu: Ok…
MS: Did you ship an XBox 360 for repair in May?
Nebu: I shipped an XBox, but I don’t know if it was in May.
MS: I’m reading your file right now, and it says you shipped it in May.
Nebu: Ok.
MS: And have you received a repaired or replacement XBox 360 yet?
Nebu: Umm… No.
MS: You did not receive anything from our service center?
Nebu: Uh, that’s correct.
MS: The last time you were in contact with the service center, what did they say to you?
Nebu: Well, uh, they said they’d send me a box… a shipping box, I mean. So I receive the box… the shipping box, and then I put the xbox in the shipping box and sent it out… and that’s… the last interaction I had, pretty much.
MS: You haven’t called the service center since then for an update?
Nebu: Correct.
MS: Ok, well I’m going to contact the service center to find out why they haven’t either sent back your repaired console, or sent a replacement, because two months is an unusually long turnaround time.
Nebu: Uh, okay.
MS: Thank you for your time sir, and have a great day.
Nebu: Thanks… bye…

Oh snap, someone is in deep shit at Microsoft today! I wonder if MS will be generous enough to sent me some sort of bonus, like free MS points or something. I think I kinda blew it when I acted like I didn’t even notice that my xbox was gone for that long. I probably would have been guaranteed some sort of compensation if I acted all pissed and made a big fuss and stuff, like Jude Law in Gattaca, or Eli in Real Life.

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