The Quest For the Anime Icon
[Cht Logs][Men Acting Stupid]

Nebu: How come I like your icon?

Shini: I dunno :D? It's happy I guess.

Nebu: I'm gonna steal it.

Shini: Nyo! Don't steal it!

Nebu: That's right!

Shini: ask and I could give it to you!

Nebu: But I look more macho and tough if I just do what I want!

Shini: Well, there! You can't steal it anymore!

Nebu: !!!


Shini: Ahahaamuwhahaha!

Nebu: I don't like this icon.

Shini: Well I do.

Nebu: No, the other one is nicer!

Shini: Well I still like this one.

Nebu: I wanna be a mighty guy!

Shini: You can't anymore.

Nebu: Waaaah =(

Shini: Stealing is BAD.

Nebu: It's 'cause I'm a rebel!

Shini: It's still baaad.

Nebu: How can I get the girls to love me if I ain't a rebel?

Shini: Well that's not the only way, dude.

Nebu: How?

Shini: That's for you to find out!

Nebu: Zaza!

Zarya: Hi!

Nebu: Shini won't teach me how to seduce girls.

Zarya: Well she's a girl herself, so that mustn't be her speciality...

Nebu: (I've never seen her with a guy, if you know what I mean...)

Zarya: I'm not sure I know what you mean....

Nebu: I was saying she might be a lesbian.

Zarya: I seriously doubt your theory...

Nebu: How would YOU know?

Zarya: She has told me who she had a crush on! And it's a guy.

Nebu: ANYWAY, that's not the point!

Zarya: Ok!

Nebu: Wait, was it me?

Zarya: This information is classified top secret. You have never heard it anywhere.

Nebu: The one info I'm about to hear, or the info I just heard?

Zarya: The info you just heard!

Nebu: The fact that she told you is top secret, or the fact that it was a guy?

Zarya: (You wouldn't happen to have any extra Fido sim card lying around by any chance?) No, it's not really top secret, but I won't answer anything else regarding it, it was just to prove that I didn't believe she could be a lesbian.

Nebu: I tried to open my cell phone to see if it's fido, but I couldn't.

Zarya: Why not?

Nebu: I think you had to press something to open it, and I did, and it didn't open.

Zarya: I got a new phone but it has no sim card, and I can't do anything until I get one, and all Fido mearchants are closed today.

Nebu: I want some potato chips!

Zarya: That would be good... I just came back to Montreal and my fridge is empty.

Nebu: !!! You're back?!

Zarya: I came back this afternoon!

Nebu: Hooray!

Zarya: I'm currently catching up on NN

Nebu: It's called NP now.

Zarya: Ok.

Nebu: Or NPn I guess...

No, NP sounds better.


Zarya: NP it is!

Nebu: Oh yeah, I remember now. I wanted to take Shini's avatar, and she said I should ask her nicely, but then I said I wanna look like a macho guy.

Zarya: You have to know the right circumstances to be macho and the ones when you shouldn't!

Nebu: Always and never?

Zarya: ?

Nebu: Those are the right circumstances to be macho and when I shouldn't respectively.

Zarya: No! They are "Sometimes" and "If you're not sure, choose this."

Nebu: Damn! So I screwed up with Shini! What should I do?

Zarya: I don't think you screwed up too bad, but I think you're not asking the right person for what you want to know!

Nebu: That's a complicated sentence. What does it mean?

Zarya: Well, I don't think you screwed up with Shini. She is probably used to your personality, so, it should have appeared as funny rather than insulting. Also, what you should do now is ask a more appropriate person if you want to know how to seduce girls.

Nebu: But I also want to steal her avatar!

Zarya: Ask her nicely for that!

Nebu: Shini! May I pleeeeeeease have your avatar? Not the bad one, but the good looking one!

Shini: :P Pink is cool.

Nebu: Yeah, but I want the OTHER one!

Shini: Which one?

Nebu: The one that's like... Hooray!

Shini: They're all horray!

Nebu: Not the pink one! I think it was mostly blue.

Nebu: >_< She won't give it to me!

Zarya: Why do you want it?

Nebu: I'm gonna use it for the icon for "Anime" on NP.

Zarya: Does she know that? Perhaps you could offer something in exchange?

Nebu: Maybe I can offer something in exchange!

You have successfully received D:\\My Received Files\yay.jpg from Shini.

Nebu: YAY! Thaaaaaankyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Shini: No prob.

Nebu: I'm gonna use it on my site!

Shini: lol okay.

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