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Jungle de Ikou

I got my hands on Jungle De Ikou 'cause the main character has large breasts. The plot goes like this: This guy uncovers, among other archeological relics, a sacred statue in which the God of destruction was sealed in. He brings the relics home, and gives the statue to his daughter (Natsumi). That night, when she goes to sleep, she meets a Shaman in her dreams who teaches her a dance and tells her that whenever she's in trouble, she should perform this dance. Next morning, when she wakes up, a chibi-version of the God of Destruction (Ongo) is sitting on her bed demanding food. The three episodes makes up this series consists of Ongo getting into trouble, and Natsumi performing the dance, which transforms her 12 year old flat chested body into an adult H or I-cup. This happens three times, once per episode.

So the plot isn't as deep as one might like, and while the comedy was amusing, it isn't enough to warrant Amazon's asking price of $27 US. The series also fails as an ecchi comedy, as there are only two "hot" girls, way below par for the genre.

The art is nothing special, nor is the music, though the first time you see the shaman perform the sacred dance, the art and music combine into one of the funnier scenes I've seen in quite a while.

Jungle de Ikou could have been good, but for whatever reasons, they've decided to end it on the 3rd episode, so it didn't really have time to develop. Add in a few more hot girls, give them mysterious backgrounds that unfold every three or four episodes, after the eighth episode, have an overarching plot related to the ressurection of the God of Destruction, etc. and you would have had your standard formulaic, albeit entertaining, anime with decent fanservice. As it stands now, I can't really recommend it except to anime fans who want to complete their collection. 4 out of 10.

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