Valentines Day

Some guy (I hate it when bloggers don't put their name anywhere on their own blog) extracted the valentines cards from a Simpson episode ("I choo-choo-choose you" and "Let's BEE friends") and posted them up so you could download them and print them out. Cute.

I gotta remember to do buy a $3 gift for my girlfriend, because I agreed to do so. The first step is to find out when Valentine's day is. Actually, the first step is to have someone remind me that Valentine's is tomorrow, and the second step is to panic. The third step is to quickly make a "homemade" valentines gift, and pretend it has more value than a $3 item that was merely bought in a store.

Last year, a bunch of Japanese girls invited me to spend "Anti-Valentines" day with them. This day happens to coincide with "Valentines" day, and consists of specifically not buying any cards, chocolates or flowers, and instead to go to bars and drink. The girls felt that Valentines days makes single people feel bad, which is why they celebrated anti-valentines day instead.

This only works because they are girls. If a bunch of guys (e.g. Kilree and GD) invited me to do some sort of anti-valentines thing, I'd decline, because that sounds a little gay to me. With the Japanese girls, I can at least console myself with "even though I am not having casual sex with these girls, I can hang around them in bars and give off the appearance that I am having casual sex with them." Such is the warping on male teenage minds by North American society.

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1. Leafy Person said:
Actually, those Japanese girls' tactic looks more like a «Let's pretend we are anti-Valentine in a preemptive move, in case nobody gives us any Valentines» syndrome, a variant of the «Anti-Prom Dance» syndrome or the «You can't fire me I quit» syndrome. Cause, when you think of it, the best way to fight Valentine Day (or Christmas, or Mother's Day, etc.) would simply be to go about your life as usual, i.e. just ignore the damn thing.
Posted on Mon February 7th, 2005, 10:07 AM EST acknowledged
2. Ringohime said:

It was Anti-Valentine's day party?! Then how come Xeonus came...? I don't get it... Didn't every girl there have a boyfriend that time?? Anyhoo, whatever. I remember Kilree looking very sugar daddy there :P

Actually, the deal of the gift is, "A gift with value of $3 or less", so basically, you can get anything, for example a can of iced tea. (But actually, if you do that, the consequence could be death. BUM BUM BUUUUUM!!!)

The options are various. 1, DANCE the dance of life (Matsuken Samba or something) 2, W the doggie together 3, Buy a little piece of Lindt chocolate 4, Buy Haagen Daz 5, Trick me into not receiving anything, etc. 5 would be the easiest, but I wouldn't recommend it. Cause the consequence could be....

Posted on Tue February 8th, 2005, 12:31 AM EST acknowledged
3. Nebu Pookins said:

If I were a hot Japanese girl and I just went about my life, then all my geeky male friends would stay home being depressed. However, if I were to invite them out, then they could have the satisfaction of spending Valentines day with a hot Japanese girl.

The intent, I guess, is not to fight Valentines day itself (which is too difficult), but rather to treat the symptoms (depressed single people).

I was told it was an anti-valentine party. Xeonus did not have a girlfriend, and he came. Kilre didn't have a girlfriend nad he came. I didn't have a girlfriend, and I came. Normally we would all have stayed at home, masturbating and crying, but instead we were invited out by girls who were not our valentines.

Posted on Tue February 8th, 2005, 1:20 AM EST acknowledged

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