Pretty geeky dream

Okay, so I'm having some dream (I forget the details of that dream exactly), but my alarm clock rings (in real life), so my meta-dream is that my dream suddenly stops, and then it's as if my dream was some sort of full screen application, but when the alarm rang, the dream sort of went into windowed mode, and then the folder beneath it, which contained the executable from which the dream was running disappeared.

So any Windows geek knows that when the folder disappears, it means the explorer.exe process crashed, which means you're going to lose most of your system tray icons, and the simplest fix is to log out and log back in.

So I get out of bed (in real life), but I'm still in a sleep-walking-pseudo-meta-dreaming state, and I hit the snooze on my alarm button. Then I think "Well, since I'm gotta log out and log back in of my dream anyway, I might as well just stay awake". So I turn off my alarm, and head to the bathroom to take my morning shower.

And then, in the shower, I realized my rational made no sense whatsoever.

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