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This post contains adult material.

Neb: I wanna play with the doggy.

Mei: Which one?

Neb: Joshiko.

Mei: Fuck you. He's Kojiro.

Neb: Yeah, I wanna play!

Mei: You watch too much porn.

Neb: How come?

Mei: Joshikosei Bukkake Special or something like that would be a typical porn title.

Neb: !! What does it mean?

Mei: Highschool girl Bukkake Special.

Trish: You ok if I write in nihongo?

Neb: We can try, demo mada jouju ja arimasen.

Trish: Un wakata. me too. Reply on facebook.

Neb: yokai

Trish: I know what a yokai is; unless u mean something else, I'm screwed.

Neb: "yokai" means "roger", I think (not sure).

Trish: Oh. Riokai, I think. You dated a Nihonjin longer than i have. Mine just taught me to say shit like "Naka ni dashite hoshii".

Neb: I wanna come in your pussy?

Trish: Yeah, purty much. More like: I want you to come inside me.

Neb: How come I know that, but I don't know "roger".

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1. Nebu Pookins said:

Translation Guide:

"nihongo" = "Japanese Language"

"demo mada jouju ja arimasen" = "but I'm not good at it yet"

"Un wakata" = "Yup, understood"

"Nihonjin" = "Japanese Person"

Posted on Wed March 12th, 2008, 9:16 PM EST acknowledged

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