Short Posts

Maybe I'll make a bunch of small posts, semi-frequently, instead of one big post super rarely.

Idea for a scene for a movie portraying corruption: Girl with purse walks along and gets her purse snatched. Police officer is standing across the street hitting on a hooker. Girl runs over and complains to the officer. Officer pulls out gun and shoot the girl. In the face. Keeps talking to hooker.

I bought two turntables and a mixer for about $1K. I'm good at DrumMania, and I became a professional drummer. Since I'm good at IIDX, I can become a professional DJ, right? Wrong.

World's greatest pizza: Bardeco. 514-937-1001. Delivers to downtown montreal only.

Girl Gaming blog posts lists of "Top Ten Hottest Guys in Videogames". I roll my eyes. Then I realize maybe this is how girls feel about "ZOMG CROFT IS TEH SEX!"

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