Financial Review

Didn't do much savings this months as I had a friend over from Japan whom I had to entertain (which essentially meant dining out almost every night). I've also been spending some money on household funishings (my kneeling chair, an electric heater, a duvet, file organizer, etc.) and studio equipment. So I've been spending a lot. Oh yeah, I bought a laptop too.

My networth has been increasing, but again the growth seems to be slow. Growth is good though, and I'm not complaining about it.

My investments have been performing very well. With my TD Monthly Income fund, I've got an actual gain of $472.51 or 9.85%, and an annualized gain of 24.62%. With UTS Energy Corp, I've got an actual gain of $91.00 or 9.47%, with an annualized gain of 111.89%. That's not a typo, the annualized gain is over one hundred percent. I haven't gotten around to buying real estate yet.

Unfortunately, I these well performing investments are having an adverse affect on the predictive powers of my software. As you can see, it's predicting a huge inflation in overall cashflow. The main source of this income are the investments, most probably the UTS Energy Corp stock I'm holding. When the software was overly pessimistic (as it was in the previous months), I had to be optimistic. Now the software is being overly optimistic, and I so I'm worried. Not that worried really, because I see my cash flow increasing even if my UTS equities suddenly crash to zero, but still I'm going to play it conservative next month and reduce my spending.

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