[Men Acting Stupid]

Oh man, do you ever predict how your day is gonna go by your fart? I'm taking my shower, right, and I gotta fart, and I figure, no one's around, and the water is pushing downwards, and the fart particles will probably fuse with the water or something and go down the drain anyway, so I go ahead and fart, right?

Well, it's not one of those hard, shotgun farts. It's more like a plonking "bowling ball slowly leaking out of jello". A weak fart, basically. This makes me think it's gonna be a bad day. It's like those books that tell you to give a nice strong handshake because that conveys confidence.

Anyway, I feel kind of refreshed after the shower and brushing my teeth, and so now it's time to get me to stop messing around with NP and start coding some crappy java games!

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