DDR for Gamecube

Wheel Chair Ninja sent me this link to a news release about a new DDR game for GameCube. Named "Dance Dance Revolution with Mario", it will be release in the summer of 2005. The press release isn't too informative (i.e. if you don't speak Japanese, don't worry, you're not missing much), and the numbers "1998" and "410" are just information about the history of DDR (it was released in 1998, and so far 4.1 million copies have been sold).

The page implies of a greater focus on story, using the Mario World theme. Presumably you'll play the role of Mario, and you'll "fight" other characters from the Mario world in dance competitions, perhaps to rescue Princess Peach again against a disco dancing Bowser (everything after the word "perhaps" was just pure speculation on my part, and isn't mentioned anywhere in the page). The page also mentions that lots of minigames have been added, and goes on to say that the game will be demonstrated at the Next Generation World Hobby Fair 2005 on January 16, which is held at 4 different locations around Japan.

The little table at the data, reads as follows (from left to right, top to bottom): Product Name; Dance Dance Revolution With Mario; Hardware; Gamecube; Release Date; 2005 Summer; Price; Unknown; Players; 1 or 2; Other Info; Dance mat is included with game.

The captions under the image says, from left to right, top to bottom, "Mario Dances", "Battle with Hammer Bros.", "Lots of original Minigames".

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