Know Thy Rights 2

Jani, a Finnish blogger wrote in his blog about how he doesn't like the way a particular headmaster, Ilkka Pöyry, is running his school. According to the Jani, the headmaster is brainwashing the children via religion. The problem has been bad enough that articles were written about the matter in the local newspapers. "I was amazed by not only such events being possible in modern-day Finland, but by the fact that the whole issue seemed to cause nothing more than a few headlines and some shaking of heads in disbelief. [...] The children's parents," Jani writes, "who came forward with their worries about what's going on in their school, have reported the children as being frightened for themselves and their loved ones (for the chance of going to Hell, IIRC) and having prayed compulsively as their means of trying to make it better. [...] The issue was bounced around by authorities, until the report by an independent psychologist, proving the children suffer from anxiety and fear, was dismissed by the state provincial office of Oulu, and Pöyry along with the rest of the school personnel was basically cleared of almost any wrongdoing."

Recently, Jani received an e-mail from a police officer requesting that he removes the libelous material from his blog. Jani is not required to do so, by First Amendment rights, unless the police officer presents a court order. Jani wrote back asking for justification for removing the material, as well as which material the officer was speaking about (since Jani had written about the issue several times). The officer responded with a reference to a law, which from my understanding states that the police can ask for a suspension of a .fi domain, if it's suspected to be used in crime. However, Jani's blog's is in a .net domain, not a .fi one. The officer also singled out the text to remove, and Jani complied temporarily, presumably to keep out of trouble, though so far it doesn't look like he's legally required to do so.

Here's Jani's post on the matter (translated to English by a friend?) and another English blog posting on the matter. Everything else on this matter I've seen seems to be in Finnish.

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